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Products and Services we deal

Industrial Equipments & Supplies

Spares, Machineries, Accessories, Turn Key project Machineries, OEM of types of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Hydraulic, HVAC, Fire Fighting & Mining equipments, Including Raw materials taking shape, Farming & Poultry Equipments.

Oil & Gas Supplies
We can source a very wide spectrum of oil equipments ranging from simple items like nuts, unions to very sophesticated items like gas lift equipments and Quad Bop's.

Agricultural Products & Processed Food
Fresh Fruit Mango Pulp & Other Fruit Pulp on availability of Yearly Seasons. * Processed Cans of Tomato Puree and Tomato Sauces. * Processed Fresh Fruit Tamarind with 100% Seed and 100% Fibre. * Porcessed Packing of Vegetable, Fruits, Fibres, Fuels, Cereals, Basmati & Zeera Rice and Raw Materials.

Processed packing of Red Chillies, Pepper, Fenugreek seeds, Ground Nuts Java, Chick Peas, Turmeric Fingers, Dry Ginger, Coriander seeds, Pearl Millet[Bajra] & Cummin seeds

Industrial Consultancy
Turn Key Projects for Design and project services to process industries of manufacturing or food processing sectors. * Other Products. * Timber, Plywood, Rubber its Products & Derivatives, All types of Metal & Non Metals. * Laminated steel like CRGO and CRNGO.

Products we Manufacture :

Poultry prodcuts, Like Chicken Drinker, Feeder, Egg Trays, Chick Trays Etc.

Design and Supply of 3 Prime Generator Sets, 3 Stand by Generator Sets of 1000KVA each.

Turn Key Project of Tissue paper Centre Cutting, Embossing & Packing Machineries.

Export of Processed Packing of Fresh Fruit Tamarind with 100% Seed and Fibre